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Aborted Fetuses, miscarriages, and wandering spirits - life after death in Chinese culture

Hi folks ...


I recently attended a ritual to feed the wandering spirits (ghosts), and to help the souls of fetuses, miscarriages and ancestors reincarnate more quickly.


In 'Life between Lives', Dr. Michael Newton talks about a place where souls await reincarnation. The Chinese hold a similar belief, even though the locations are different.


Anyway, for those interested, I have written a short article about the event with a complete photo record of events. It can be found at:


































The third section called 'Thursday May 19th – Pu Du Ritual' discusses life after death for fetuses, ghosts and ancestors and is covered in the last 21 photos. The remainder is about Chinese spirit medium practices.


Hope you find it interesting, and if you have any questions to discuss, I can try and answer them for you here ....





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Just as we carry out a prayer and rites for a departed soul after death
we should do the same for a miscarried soul, so that
the soul may find peace in God's arms
LESSONS FROM GOD- Sai Baba & Baby's Soul after Abortion or Miscarriage PART 2  .
This morning Sai Baba spoke,
" Many   have become accustomed to hiding their head in the sand
        and ignoring our Holy scriptures.
Prayers used to be carried
            out for miscarried souls as well, this is written in our scriptures,
however with time and stepping into Material life the Human race
       has forgotten the ancient Holy rites.
Even many Priests are ignorant of these rites. 
The Human birth comes after much grace and you must cherish it.
You have all been taught that the Soul is imperishable.
You inhabit different sheaths / bodies in different lives,
        however the soul is immortal.
Just as you carry out prayers and rites for a departed soul
    you should do the same for a miscarried soul,
 so that the soul may find peace in God's arms
Prayer For the parents :
Carry out a mrityunjaya mantra Minimum 7 malas a day for 13 days.
       Open your hearts to God and ask your Guardian or Sai Baba
              to preside over the prayers.
Open your hearts to the Divine and ask for Grace and forgiveness
 Ask God to allow the soul's mind, body, soul and spirit to be
          totally healed and all Karma forgiven.
             Pray also for  family and ancestral forgiveness
At the end of 13 days finish your Pooja with a Fire ceremony.
Q: When we take rebirth when does the old soul enter the body?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
Rebirth happens! So many times we have died and taken birth. Soul can enter the womb at any one of the three times: at the time of conceiving, or the 3rd month of pregnancy, or at the time of birth. Many souls race and from these souls only one gets the body. In a race only one comes first, right? Sometimes, there are two then there are twins!

Much love and Sai Rams.  Amarjit 

 click below :


Great stuff, thanks.


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