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text by Erich Habich-Traut,


"Poets tell lies, poets are liars", Plato


In the domain of language there is truth, nonsense, and falsehood.

We cannot…


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In two short essays presented to Dr. Raymond Moody in Paris on 5. Feb.17 I have expanded on the standard observations of NDE experiencers and drawn conclusions that have not been published in this form before.

Because of your interest in the subject I thought to make those papers also accessible to you.

The links are:

Body and Soul:…


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Fundamental answers


Has anyone ever come back to talk about it?

What could one learn? What was it like?

How can this candle wax have dripped like a scroll? …


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Fear of Psychic Phenomena

How can we see the importance of spiritual experiences if they keep being labeled as "psychotic"? And, how can we create a sustainable life on the planet unless we see more clearly that we are One with the planet earth and must care for all of her people?

I just returned from a fantastic conference: the 2nd International Medical Spiritist Congress, “The Dawn of a New Era in…


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First Time

You cant help but wonder what is it that we want to know about the Afterlife. You hear so many theories about what people think or what science might prove, but regardless we are always curious. Each and everyone of us want to know the answers to the most purposeful question...why are we here and where do we go when we pass. This is my path on my spare time. I have read Dr. Raymond Moody's books and joined his institute and am proud to say he came across my life. Now I am trying to figure out… Continue

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Anthropology and the Paranormal

Symposium held at the Eslaen Institute, California, October 2013…


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The Search for Survival. A Review of Trevor Hamilton's, 'Tell My Mother I'm Not Dead'

Tell My Mother I’m Not Dead: A Case Study in Mediumship Research

by Trevor Hamilton, Exeter: Imprint Academic, 2012.£8.95, $17.90, 191pp, Appendices, Glossary, Resources and References.

Tell My Mother I’m Not Dead is a personal and intellectual journey for…


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Visit to a Medium: Notes and comments

Time and place       

Monday 25th February 2013, 4.30pm    

Private flat in London, UK

Present: Fiona Bowie (Sitter) and the medium



I recorded the session and listened to it again a couple of…


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Afterlife as experienced

I'm contemplating a piece of research work about the experienced nature of the afterlife.  I intend to make detailed comparisons between channeled descriptions from spirits living 'Upstairs' written down by a number of channelers.  There are many in the English language, 19th-20thCs - I'm on top of that I think, and there is the Brazilian national treasure Chico Xavier, a largely uneducated person who has channeled some 250 books, a couple of which are translated into English.  Preliminary…


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What do Angels Look Like?

What do angels look like? Some appear as orbs of light. Chapter 10 of the book “Breaking the Antichrist Code”by Eric vonAnderseck co-authored by Maria vonAnderseck  is all about angels and how some are seen as orbs.  Included in the…


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Why People Believe in Spirits, Gods and Magic - New E-Book...

This short ebook is a beginner's introduction to key themes in the anthropology of the supernatural. It aims to situate paranormal experiences and supernatural beliefs within a much broader framework through taking a cross-cultural approach. It is hoped that this approach will not only give the reader a greater appreciation of the variety of supernatural beliefs and paranormal experiences prevalent in the world’s cultures, but also that it will allow for a more in-depth, and so better…


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by way of introducing myself

I cannot claim to be involved in research in any formal sense, but if self-examination in relation to non-material experiences is included in the definition of 'research', then yes, I am involved.

I am an active member of the Quaker Fellowship for Afterlife Studies  principally looking after the audio recordings of conference papers. I am also an…


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Time to get published

Now that I am officially retired perhaps it is time for me to get my three manuscripts published. This is where they can be seen and commented on with criticism (constructive I hope).

The Science of Spirit trilogy

Regards to all


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Paranthropology Vol. 3 No. 3 Now Available to Download


The July 2012 issue of Paranthropology is finally available to download, and features the following articles:

"A Paradigm Breaking Hypothesis for Solving the Mind-Body Problem" - Bernardo Kastrup

"Psychic Surgery as a "Breaking Frame": Ethnographic Observations of a London Based Psychic Surgeon" - Lara Bauer

"Tylor and Neo-Tylorian Approaches to the Study of Religion: Re-Evaluating an Important Lineage in the Theorisation of Religion" - Liam…


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Paranthropology Second Anniversary Anthology Now Available to Order


The Paranthropology Second Anniversary Hardback Anthology is now available to order.

Featuring chapters from: Robert Van de Castle, Jack Hunter, Lee Wilson, Mark A. Schroll, Charles D. Laughlin, Fiona Bowie, James McClenon, Fabian Graham, Serena Roney-Dougal, David E. Young, David Luke and Michael Winkelman.

For more information visit:…


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Past and present lives

I've added reviews of Kathleen Ross's new book, Bound by Destiny and Muriel Dowding, The Psychic Life of Muriel, The Lady Dowding, to my Exploring the Afterlife Blog. Both deal with soul mates, reincarnation and psychic abilities but in very different ways. 

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Interview with Jack Hunter

The Eyeless Owl ran an interview with ARC's Jack Hunter this week, regarding paranthropology and the use of ethnographic methodologies in researching anomalous phenomenon and liminal events:

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Part 1: Is there love in the Underworld? Before the initial ritual and subsequent collecting of graveyard medicines for the leukaemia patient

(What follows is a short extract from my upcoming thesis. The conversation is between the Underworld deity Tua Ya Pek as tranced through his medium and myself. Shortly before this conversation, a girl with chronic leukaemia had approached him in his temple and asked for a cure. My previous blog article "Part 2: 13th March - collecting graveyard medicines" took place exactly two weeks after this initial meeting between the medium and the girl. I had been discussing with Tua Ya Pek the…


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New book+website: Buddhist funeral cultures (Cambridge University Press)

Dear all,

From 2007-2009 the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) funded a project on Buddhist death rituals at the University of Bristol. The book deriving from the project is finally out for publication this week. The volume is edited by Paul Williams and Patrice Ladwig and covers material from Theravāda Buddhism in Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and various regions of Chinese Buddhism, both on the mainland and in the Southeast Asian diasporas. Topics such as bad death, the…


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Thought forms and creativity

I have just posted a short blog on the link between the mental and earth planes as a source of creative thought from the channelled writing of A.D. Mattson from his book Evidence from Beyond.

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