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You cant help but wonder what is it that we want to know about the Afterlife. You hear so many theories about what people think or what science might prove, but regardless we are always curious. Each and everyone of us want to know the answers to the most purposeful question...why are we here and where do we go when we pass. This is my path on my spare time. I have read Dr. Raymond Moody's books and joined his institute and am proud to say he came across my life. Now I am trying to figure out how do we truly study the afterlife. Other than viewing the internet I am hoping to make friends with the same personal interests as me in this field. Lets face it....not many out there that like to talk about this stuff. I am hoping that this will open up a door and maybe meet some soul friends to share info with. And any help down this journeyful road is always appreciated on this end!! Take care and hope to speak with you all!!

Ryan A Parmeter

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Comment by Ryan A Parmeter on April 23, 2014 at 20:46
sounds great!!! Thanks for reaching out Joe. Much appreciated!! in the meantime take care. I will get in touch with you tonight.

Comment by joe gough on April 23, 2014 at 20:17

Hi Ryan 

Good to read your blog. Would be interested in discussing further if you want? Particularly how to "truly study the afterlife." My email is or you can skype me on joeggough1 

Take care


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